Ship agency

Ship agency - one of the profiling services offered by Compass Transit Group. Skilled shipping agents of our company quickly and efficiently prepared to take each ship in any port of Ukraine. We serve as passenger and military ships.

Agency service of Compass Transit Group is:

  • customs and border clearance;
  • assistance in cooperation with the authorities of the host country's authorities;
  • Comprehensive support and crew transfers: registration shore passes, airport, moving crew to the ship, hotel reservations, etc .;
  • Provision of repairs of the ship;
  • customs clearance and prompt delivery of ship spare parts;
  • Provision of marine lubricants and maintenance of the hopper;
  • delivery of any means of navigation;
  • the provision of additional services to shipowners.

Compass Transit Group team will make every effort to promptly design the ship to assist the shipowner or the crew, as well as provide all possible assistance in resolving any dispute.


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